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In a profession where it's necessary to educate clients of the intricacies of real estate: the paperwork, what happens next, the time table, what to schedule when, Linda doesn't forget to listen. She always knew and responded to us as people - not merely a contract. Clone her.

George Burton Voss

On Wednesday two days prior to closing we were told we may have to walk away from the deal because of a piece of paper that neither the Builder Dorn Homes would issue nor the Veteran’s Administration wouldn't agree to. Linda Demotte negotiated with the Builder, Dorn Homes and the V.A., on our behalf. She used her skill and professionalism to
get the closing documents needed. She even wrote a letter to the U.S. Building and Housing Development. On Friday we
closed our home thanks to Linda DeMotte. Everyone deserves an agent like Linda DeMotte, and this wonderful experience.

Caryl Marks, Dewey

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